ATLAS Transfer Case Support/Ring - "FLANGE"


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2 piece design can be installed without removing your driveshaft or rear yoke!!! So why purchase your Atlas Support from TMR Customs? We offer the ONLY Atlas Support on the market where the bore is precision CNC machined to exacting tolerances, which guarantees a perfect slip fit onto the back of your Atlas Transfer Case! You spent big money on your Atlas Transfer Case, why cheap out now and use an inferior plasma or laser cut support? Give your Atlas the best "support" on the market. Choose TMR CUSTOMS!
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Product Description

TMR Customs Atlas Support uses hex head bolts for clamping instead of cap screws for easy install and to prevent stripping the cap screw head. The profile of the ring is cnc laser cut, and the center is cnc bored to a slip fit to precisely match the output housing. 

  • Fits all transfer cases with a 3.9" output diameter 
  • Fits Atlas, as well as Dana 300 or NP231 with advance adapters HD tailshaft conversion


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Product Q&A

How thick is it?
Hi Keith,

All TMR Customs Atlas Flanges/Supports measure 1/2" thick.

Thanks and have a great day!
is the atlas support ring used instead of a transmission mount or as an extra support?
Hi Trevor. The Atlas Support is an additional mount, it must be used in conjunction with a transmission mount. It is designed to take the stress off the back of your transmission housing caused by the heavier than stock transfer case. Hope that info helps!

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