Limit Straps - Everything You Need To Know

Limit Straps - Everything You Need To Know

Are you taking your vehicle through uneven terrain, jumps, or planning on bouncing and launching off jumps? This could put your shocks under one hell of a load! Limit straps can prevent over extension and topping out of your shocks. But you still might be wondering; are limit straps really necessary?

The short answer is YES! As their name implies - they "limit" the overextension of a part on your vehicle. Primarily the shocks or the drive shafts. Just like your shocks need a bump stop to protect them from being bottomed out, they also need a limit strap to prevent them from being topped out. Have you ever seen the inside of a shock? If so - you'd quickly understand that the piston and valve stack do not want to abruptly crash into the dust cap/seal. Similar to your shocks being topped out - overextending and/or binding your drive shaft is a major no no. It's almost guaranteed to lead to a catastrophic failure that will leave you stranded on the trail or on the street. 

Limit Straps

How many limit straps are required?

You need to determine which job they're doing. If it's to prevent the shocks from topping out you'll need 1 per corner. Generally, these can also double to keep your driveshaft in check. If the sole purpose of the strap is to keep the drive shaft from overextending, generally you only need 1 center mounted strap to do the job. If your running a high end off road machine (think Ultra4 racer, rock bouncer, custom build, etc.) you may want to consider 2 limit straps per corner. If their job is to protect the $10000 you spent on custom coil overs and bypass shocks consider it cheap insurance. 


How do I determine what length strap I need? 

Great question! First you need to determine where you will be mounting your limit straps. They take 1/2" bolts to fasten them, so often times you can use 1 end of your shock absorber bolt. Keep in mind, you are likely going to have to weld 1 or more tabs to your chassis or axle to attach the straps. The most popular tab we offer for this is a double shear tab (SKU 1146), closely followed by our limit strap clevis' (SKU's 1956 & 1954). The double shear tabs are nice because they are the perfect slot width for the limit strap and are good and strong. The clevis' are really nice because they give you adjustment. Once you have your mounting points in place you need to measure for the strap itself. Measure from center of bolt to center of bolt to determine your strap length. Keep in mind limit straps stretch 1" per foot of strap. Therefore a 12" strap becomes a 13" strap when fully loaded. 

Why Choose TMR Customs Limit Straps?

Our TMR adjustable limit straps are the best of the best. They are 100% made in USA using the finest materials - 8800LB mil. spec webbing, chromoly end tabs are integrated chafe guard to evenly distribute the load. The strength of our straps not only comes from the premium materials - but the fact they are quad wrapped provide minimal stretch and maximum durability. Order online and get your limit straps delivered to your door in no time!

TMR Limit Straps