Fox ATS Wrangler JK/JKU Stabilizer to fit TMR 2.5 Ton Tie Rod


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The FOX Performance Series Adjustable Through Shaft (ATS) steering stabilizer offers unrivaled steering control and a striking high tech appearance. The technologically advanced design cancels unwanted steering forces in both directions, taking the place of two conventional opposing stabilizers. It will also respond to your input with 24 clicks of external adjustment to fine tune the feel. The integrated reservoir allows for additional fluid capacity and improves cooling during extreme use. Also included is FOX's relocating hardware that moves the steering stabilizer up and out of the way utilizing a new track bar relocation bolt and 1-3/4" tie-rod mounting clamp. The ATS represents a revolutionary breakthrough in stabilizer design.

SKU: FOX ATS 1.75"

Product Description

Fits all 1.75" diameter tie rods


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Product Q&A

What mounting clamp does this use? Is it a fox 1 3/4 clamp? Or a TMR 1 3/4 clamp? I have the stabilizer already but am looking for a 1.75 clamp that would work well with this specific stabilizer.
Hi Kurt. We modify the Fox clamp to fit the 1.75" diameter.

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