Dana 60 Simple Front Truss


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TMR Customs simple truss is a well proven and effective design! If you are running coil springs, leaf springs, or just prefer the more low profile styling over our other full width truss kits than this is the kit for you!
SKU: 1693-D60

Product Description

  • CNC laser cut and formed from 1/2" steel


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Product Q&A

I'm interested in this front truss for my Dana 60. It's out of a 1999 Dodge ram 2500 and I've been having trouble finding a truss for it. I know you have specific trusses for the ford and Chevy axles but im curious if this truss would work with my Dodge Dana 60.
Hi Chris. This Dana 60 axle truss should be perfect for your needs. We've had customers install them on nearly every year/make/model of D60 available. Hope that helps!
Is this placed on the bottom?
Hi Gary. This truss is primarily placed on top to function as a mounting point to weld a 3 or 4 link bracket/tab to. It allows you to weld the truss to the mild steel tubes, then weld your bracket directly to the truss - which avoids welding directly to the cast housing. Thanks!

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