Coil Over Springs

Trustily standing by on deck to provide an optimal motion ratio for the wheel’s focused spin, custom, and off-road coil-over springs are ideal and well-engineered ingredients for a thrilling off-road journey. Here at the constantly-humming shop at the base of one of the world’s most exciting playgrounds, Tim and Mike began with their long love affair with Jeeps and aftermarket parts, creating the TMR Customs, and they’re excited to announce that they now offer the custom coil spring goodies created with whole-hearted mastery to you.

These 3.0” ID Coil Over Springs Shocks are a solid example of just how many different sizes make good on your next all-out off-road excursion. These off-road custom coil spring shocks are steel-grade components and will resist wear-and-tear as good as you’ve ever seen. They’ll also be your trusted soldiers in the battle to prevent the chassis from bottoming out, while supporting each wheel on your off-road machine at high speeds.

These 2.5” Id Off-Road Coil-Over Springs That fit 2.0” Coil-Over Shocks are set to last the life of the vehicle and will provide a much firmer ride and higher spring rate, boosting-performance driving tasks. The high-performing, top-tier offerings from us here at TMR Customs help to prevent your performance from becoming an extreme liability on the road, and it will ensure that even average drivers enjoy track-caliber results. We have all of the amazing aftermarket parts that you could ever want for your favorite wheeling buddy, the newest rock crawler you just purchased, or your partner in crime across the country that meets you at Moab for the annual and exciting Easter day Crawl!