1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit
1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit
1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit
1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit
1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit
1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit

1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit

SKU: 1410 DIY Driveshaft Kit-NO TUBE/NO U JOINTS

Regular price €299,95

Looking to build your own custom driveshaft for a rock crawler, rock bouncer, Ultra4, Jeep, buggy or other hardcore application? We've got you covered at TMR Customs!
Most driveshafts and driveshaft kits are built around yokes and parts to fit thin wall .083" or .095" tubing - that may be fine for a street car, but it won't stand up to the punishment you are going to dish out when smashing it off rocks!

What makes TMR Customs driveshaft kits the best on the market?

  • All included parts are genuine Dana Spicer components for the longest lasting and most durable components you can buy!
  • No need for custom machining! All parts are pre-machined to fit 2" ID tubing (most commonly used with 2.5" x 1/4" Wall DOM tubing for the ultimate in strength!)
  • Everything you need in one kit - takes out the guess work!
  • Weld it yourself - designed for the home/shop fabricator to save money and do the fun part!
  • No balancing required! Ever thought of what happens to your fancy balanced driveshaft the first time you smash it off a rock? We have - your fancy balance is now gone!
  • 3.6" of usable slip - more than enough for any link suspension set up!

Kit includes the following:

  • Tube yoke (SKU 1987)
  • Tube shaft (SKU 1988)
  • Slip yoke (SKU 1990)

Optional items include:

  • 2.5" x 1/4" wall DOM tubing
    (2 Feet builds up to 36" long driveshaft, 4 Feet builds up to 60" long driveshaft)
  • 2 x Dana Spicer  OR Tom Woods Gold Seal u joints (SKU 2002)

We're wheelers too - we back every product with the TMR Customs quality guarantee. Our products are designed to be the ultimate in durability and withstand years of abuse. So go ahead and abuse them in the dirt and rocks - just as they were intended!


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