TMR in the News!

TMR in the News!

First, we’ve been really fortunate to get a number of mentions in news articles over the years. No matter how many time it happens, we always get a kick out of reading something that someone else writes about TMR Customs. Luckily, they’ve all had good things to say so far!

Here’s a round-up of just a few of the mentions we’ve enjoyed in the news and on blogs from around the web.

  • We’re fortunate to be in a business that also happens to be our second favourite hobby – customizing Jeeps. What’s our favourite hobby? Putting those customizations to the test in off-road races!When we didn’t find enough racing to satisfy our craving, we decided to sponsor our own: The TMR Customs Off Road Racing Series. It’s a non-profit series that we put together for all 4WD off-road racing enthusiasts to compete against each other in a safe, friendly and fun environment.Series races happen on natural and man-made (or a bit of both) courses across Southern Ontario. There are three separate races classes, including Unlimited, Modified and Stock. From our humble beginnings, and with the help of our family, friends, sponsors and off-road enthusiasts, the Series has grown to include a full season of 5 events.

This year’s season started off on May 27th in Tweed and then visited Petawawa, Mulmur and Capreol before finishing up with the grand finale of the series, the ‘King of the Shield’ race in Parry Sound.

  • We really appreciate seeing articles on websites that we use ourselves; written by people that we respect as much as anyone in the business. One of those is the FourWheeler Network.Whether you have a brand new, completely stock JK just out of the showroom, or you’re never going to finish customizing your rock bouncer, or you run four-wheeler by Ford, Dodge, Toyota or Chevy, or just about any other SUV or 4WD, the FourWheeler Network has a blog or site that will help you learn more and get more enjoyment from your vehicle.Here’s the article they wrote after putting our 15-Bolt Conversion Kit, including the diff cover, to the test. If you want what is perhaps the most complete online reference about how to use the kit to get more ground clearance from a GM ‘Corporate’ 14-bolt rear differential, this is it.
  • From racing news, to customizing news, to… Christmas gifts?! Yeah, you know you’ve reached the big time when people start suggesting your products as Xmas gifts for the off-roaders and builders on your list.Located in beautiful British Columbia, Suncruiser Media is a great site for all kinds of outdoor living, including RVs, sport fishing and, of course, four-wheeling.We were pretty stoked when they included our TMR Customs Fluid Carrier in a an article offereing great gift ideas for gear-heads. It’s so cool that they called it ‘bomb-proof’!!!
  • To give you an idea of the range of information and tips you can get from Suncruiser Media, and to show you that we’re not all ‘Jeep’ here at TMR Customs, check out the article they wrote about repairing and customizing a Toyota Tundra.Turns out the Tundra’s owner tried to put the 4WD pick-up through some off-road paces and came up, well, a bit short – of ground clearance that is. In addition to repairing the damage, the crew at Off Road Addiction in St. Thomas, Ontario, decided to prevent the same problem from happening by adding a 7-inch lift kit to the Tundra.Not only did they use TMR Customs’ bump stops to help make the customization happen, but they also threw in parts from some of our suppliers, including Fox Shox and Radflo.

    They ended up nicknaming the finished vehicle ‘T-Rex’ because the Tundra is ready to take on Ford’s famous Raptor after the conversion.

Keep your eyes glued right here to the TMR Customs blog for lots more builder tips, useful info and links to all sorts of news and views about customizing your 4WD vehicles – especially Jeeps!