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Jeep Delrin Door Hinge Liners & Removal Tool - Fits Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, LJ ('76-'06)

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Sick of hard to open, leaking, sagging or hard to remove doors on your Jeep Wrangler? TMR Customs has the fix - our Jeep Delrin Door Hinge Liners!
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Product Description

  • CNC machined in-house to exacting tolerances 
  • Made from genuine DuPont Delrin
  • Simply remove your worn out factory liners and press in place by hand!
  • Includes the following:
    - Replacement bushings for both driver and passenger door hinges
    - Detailed step by step instruction with a video link to watch a complete install

Designed to work with your factory door hinges. Includes detailed step by step instruction manual. Installation requires nothing more than simple hand tools and can EASILY be done at home!


WILL NOT FIT 1995 YJ OR 1997 TJ!


Review by:
What a great solution for removing the old aluminum sleeves and replacing with a better material that won't rust or bond to the other metals. The doors now lift out easier from the hinges, without the need to wrestle them so much. Thanks for including the tool to pop out those old sleeves. (Posted on 11/15/2018)
Review by:
My 2003 is an "old" vehicle. My lower hinge bushings were so rusted into the tubes that they could not be removed in a single piece. I had to use a pick and a 2 lb. sledge with the hinges in a vice to shatter and hammer them out bit by frustrating bit. My doors came off easily because the plastic tape liners had disappeared a decade ago. The two upper bushings came out with some work, but cleanly and without damage to the TJ.

Not so with the lowers. My tub is slightly bent and my lower plates point slightly inwards at the bottom, so the tool I got with this kit ended up boogering up my paint and leaving small dings. However, I am about to do a frame-off restoration to include new paint, so I really don't care. Now that I am aware of the damage to my tub in this area I can at least get that looked at by a pro before I mess anything else up too badly. Anyway, this was no fault of the tool. The upper bushings came out with no such issues.

On *MY* TJ both lower tub hinge plates are somewhat deformed. I don't know whether this is a problem on many of them, but it is on my vehicle. In both cases, in exactly the same manner, the center of the tube is smaller in the center. This is not an internal step but like it was crimped at the factory. Anyway, because of this the new bushing became badly wedged halfway in and I could not get it out from below because the tool did not fit properly. (See above.) I ended up using a deep well socket, but that was over a week later. You see, when the instructions tell you DO NOT HAMMER ON THE DELRIN BUSHING they are NOT KIDDING! These have a lot of longitudinal rigidity and are not too flexible. However, they are fragile when hit with a hammer because they are so thin. And (you guessed it) I used my baby sledge to gently tap it in. Two taps and *SNAP* and oooooh, man, I called myself every name in the book...

In the end I use a .25" round file to try and clean out the rusted chunks of OEM bushing and open up the hole center a bit. The replacement bushing went in pretty easily. The door slid right in and now lifts off easily. It swings easier than it ever has since I bought the TJ. MUCH BETTER!!!

Now, when I busted the first bushing I finished up what I could. I jammed the broken bushing into the hinge where it *should* have lived a nice, long life. Then I called Tim at TMR Customs. I explained how the bushing had become wedged and I could not get it out, so I tried to force it in, that is was just the one, and that I am an idiot who does not read instructions and then take them seriously. He was super cool and took care of me. I did not want to buy a full set, having just bought the set and tools for both my JK and my TJ. I got what I needed, quickly and with a minimum of fuss thanks to Tim. He not only took care of me, he also created a permanent customer as I am learning to weld, and TMR Customs is much more about selling pre-cut parts to fabricators to build some serious grunt. I will be purchasing stuff from these guys in the future.

And these door hinge bushings are a huge improvement for such an old and BEAT UP vehicle. THANKS, GUYS! I will be back for more stuff later... (Posted on 5/18/2018)
Review by:
OK, my TJ is 16 years old, gets wheeled hard and driven in snow/deicer. I had a tough time knoking the old bushings out, some fresh chips. In hindsight I would have bee better using a dremel to grind the old bushings out. I ran into thickness problems and had to thin the top of the new bushings. Even after sanding the door pins clean I wound up using a little silicone to smooth things out. Good news is no more rattles. (Posted on 10/8/2017)
Review by:
Great replacement product. Remove, Reinstall, Done. Doors fit perfect after. (Posted on 3/15/2017)
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Product Q&A

Hello, I have a 1998 jeep wrangler TJ. I want to purchase and replace my door hinge liners with your Delrin liners and removal tool. My question is I believe the jeep was built in late 1997 as a 1998 model its a Sport model. Will these lines fit correctly? I see on the description states they do not fit 1997 wrangler TJ's. Thank you, Tony
Hi Tony. They can be made to fit 97 or early 98 by simply trimming them down in length. Watch the second video under the product images and you'll see exactly how Tyler from BleepinJeep trimmed a set to fit his Jeep. Hope that info helps!
I'm not sure if my 2001 tj the hinge is stock can you tell me the inner and outside diameter of your bushings
Hi Adam. Please email a photo of your hinge to, we can usually visually confirm if the hinge is stock or not. Thanks.

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