Shock Accessories

Shock Accessories

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  1. Remote Reservoir Shock Mounts

    Looking for a clean and simple mounting solution for your remote reservoir shock cans? TMR Customs remote reservoir shock mounts paired with a set of band clamps or t bolt clamps are the perfect fix.
  2. 2.0" Bump Stop Mount Can - WELDED

    TMR Customs bump stop cans are designed to accept most 2" bump stops. Their pinch design is a simple and effective way of retaining the bump stop on the chassis side of your vehicle.
  3. Bump Stop Can Mount - Round Tube

    Here's the perfect solution for attaching our 2.0" bump stop mount cans to your tube chassis or round tube frame! Can easily be trimmed to accommodate flat mounting or rectangular frames as well! SOLD INDIVIDUALLY - ENOUGH PIECES TO MOUNT 1 BUMP CAN!
  4. GoatBuilt Shock Spacer Install Tool


    Have you ever installed coil over shocks?

    Or any shock with a bearing and spacers for that matter?
    Do you know what a pain in the @ss it is to install the spacers and bolt?
    Our handy shock spacer install tool will make the install so easy you'll wonder why you haven't owned one for years!

4 Item(s)