There's nothing like hitting the trail and being sure the rubber stays on the rims. With our offroad beadlocks and custom valve stems, you'll be sure to keep the rubber on the rims no matter what tire pressure you're running. TMR Customs has beadlocks for sale that meet all your rock crawling needs. Beadlock conversion, DIY beadlock, DIY beadlock kit, beadlock kits for steel wheels, weld-it-yourself beadlocks for off-road, 15", 16", 17", skull beadlocks.
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  1. 32 Bolt DIY Weld On Beadlock - Standard

    • Diameter
    From: $84.95
    Inner ring is designed to sit inside the rim lip for ease of welding
  2. Beadlock Hardware Kit


    Enough hardware to mount 1 x 32 bolt beadlock wheel

  3. 45 Degree Valve Stem

    45 Degree Valve Stem, perfect for DIY Beadlock Kits!
3 Item(s)