TMR Weld Bottle Organizer "The Whole Shebang"

TMR Weld Bottle Organizer

Ever noticed that over time your welding bench becomes covered in more and more tools, and you're slowly running out of space? 

Or do you spend more time searching for your welding snips than time spent actually welding? 

We encountered these issues and more (stolen tape measures, "lost" sharpies) at TMR and we aimed to solve them. 

"The Whole Shebang" is the latest and most complete in our line of Weld Bottle Organizers. It gives the perfect spot for all your day to day welding supplies and keeps them neatly organized. 

The Whole Shebang has space for 1 welding helmet, 2 coats/jackets, gloves, 2 bottles, weld bottle cap, adjustable wrench, tape measure, brush, welding snips/pliers, sharpies and paint markers. 

Ever since using The Whole Shebang on our welder stations at TMR there's been a reduction in "Who the F stole my paint marker?" and an increase in "check out this weld porn!". We recommend them for both home welding enthusiasts, as well as weld shops and business owners to increase productivity and put an end to the bitch fest of stolen or lost tools!