Tube Adapters

Tube adapter, weld bung, threaded bung, weld in adapter, tube spud - call it what you want! At TMR Customs we simply call them tube adapters - their purpose is to be welded into tubing giving you a threaded connection for your rod end, heim joint, Lifetime Heim or Johnny Joint. 
Gone are the days of purchasing expensive taps to only use them a handful of times. TMR Customs threaded tube adapters are perfect for custom 4 links, control arms, traction bars, steering bars and more! 
We offer tube adapters in many styles. Round is the most common and popular, closely followed by hex and lastly square. Hex tube adapters are nice because they allow you to grab the link with a wrench as you tighten down the jam nut. Round tube adapters are nicest if you prefer that sleak and clean 1 piece custom link look.