How to use Dimple Dies

How to use Dimple Dies

What makes TMR Customs Dimple Dies the best choice? How to use dimple dies?

CNC machined in-house, heat treated and backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY – TMR Customs dimple dies are a premium tool that will last you a lifetime. Available in a variety of sets and individual sizes to suit your needs. Dimple dies are used to add strength and rigidity while lightening sheet metal panels, not to mention they look cool! In this article you will find useful information on how to use dimple dies and benefits of choosing TMR Customs. 

Here’s a step by step look at how to use dimple dies on your next sheetmetal fabrication.

1. Drill, laser cut or plasma cut the hole to be flared. Each die size represents the size of the required pilot hole ie: the 1/2” Dimple Die requires a 1/2” pilot hole.

2. Properly support the bottom die on your shop press.

3. Load your drilled plate onto the bottom die.

4. Place the top die onto the bottom die until it rests on the plate.

5. Begin to press on the top die. As you continue to press down you will see the plate will deform. Do not be alarmed – the plate will return to flat once you have completed the process.

6. Once the top die, sheet and bottom die are all compressed against one another you have completed the flare. Do not overload the dies.

7. Release the press and remove the top die.

8. Remove the plate and enjoy the added strength and weight reduction of your newly flared plate!

We also manufacture Knockout Punch Dimple Dies for those of you who don’t have a shop press.

Other TMR Customs dimple dies features include:

Professionally Engineered

Our dimple dies provide the optimal shaped dimple in your sheet metal fabrications for maximum strength and rigidity.

Machined to Exacting Tolerances

TMR Customs dimple dies are machined in-house to maintain the highest quality standards and precision.

Heat-treated for Maximum Life

Our proven and tested heat treating process ensures your dies will stand up to a lifetime of use – we guarantee it!

Black Oxide Coated

Our dimple dies are black oxide coated after heat treating to provide years of corrosion resistance.

Light Weight

All TMR Customs dimple dies are lightweight and easy to handle which helps eliminate user fatigue.

Lifetime Guarantee

We take pride in manufacturing the world’s leading dimple dies and we back them with a true lifetime warranty!