Shock Accessories

Taking an unexpected bump while running your off-road ready rig in the wild will make you aware of which parts are expertly built, and which aren’t. Professionally built off-road shock accessories will let you confidently and consistently enjoy putting your rig to the test, because some of the most important parts on every rig are the shock mounts. There are so many awesome aftermarket parts and custom shock mounts available to improve these ingenious “takers of the tough stuff” on the trail that many don’t know where to begin! Thankfully, TMR Customs is here to help. We’ve got you covered and wanted to highlight a few of the stellar products we have to keep you fully absorbing the pits and perils that will undoubtedly come your way during a well-planned trail crawl.

This Bump Stop Tube Chassis Mount makes attaching a hydraulic bump stop can to your tube chassis ultra-clean. The mount is CNC laser cut from ¼” steel and keyed for simple fitting and welding. This off-road shock accessory is truly a PRO LEVEL material for your rig! When you are getting the buddies together for a good time of aftermarket additions in the garage, it’s parts like these that will give you the confidence to take every rut in stride.

Our signature Bump Stop Axle Pads are sold in pairs and built by enthusiasts who share the same off-road passion for bombing trails as you! The universal design fits other brands that are out there making a name for themselves in the off-roading industry and will enable wheelers worldwide looking to build on their rigs’ capabilities to crawl to take on new challenges every day, and heartily withstand years of thrill-providing abuse. The suspension, off-road shock accessories, and custom shock mount products available here at TMR Customs are continually reaching and performing above par, doing their job to make your rig push harder, and designed by dedicated lovers of four-wheel inspired adventure.