1-1/4" Lifetime Heims

When you first take a close look at the end of a joint rod, it may appear not appear all that complex but looks can be deceiving. In reality, the Heim bearing rod end is a fine-tuned pivot joint with a useful element that’ll come in handy in those situations that require a little play and room to be adjustable. Like all the creatively wicked creations we have here at TMR Customs, this 1-1/4” lifetime Heims bearing rod will allow for the ultimate flexibility and delivering a wide range of movement for all your 4-wheeling adventures when pushing your rig hard in the mud or enduring impacts when high-speed racing.

We have complete sets, front and rear uppers, rebuildable uniball housings, weld-on high steer arms, and forged 1-1/4” lifetime Heims here at TMR Custom! All will provide pivoting action and the ideal range of direction for your favorite toy. These awesome products aren’t just suitable for suspension and steering – they also serve a great purpose in carburetor linkages and alternator brackets.

When it comes to the rugged and always adventure-ready Jeep line, it’s best to just dive in all of the way and get a full set. The Lifetime Heim Arms Jeep JK Complete Set has been billed as “the ultimate set with no other suspension company being able to touch it” in regard to quality, and they’re poised and ready to take a full life’s worth of abuse.

Along with our 1-1/4” lifetime Heims, we also specialize in the 1- ¼” Rod End Package With Round Tube Adapter, a product backed by the team of diehard wheelers here at TMR Customs because it boasts an incredibly rock-solid build with 2 x stainless steel high misalignment spacers. These are poised and ready for your holiday wish list, and to show up primed and ready for the extreme adventurer on your list!