Off-Road Axle & Drivetrain Parts

At TMR Customs, we are a team of enthusiasts who build off-road drivetrain and off-road axle parts for other enthusiasts. We know what you’re looking for, which is why we provide the best quality, designs, and features to take your off-road vehicle to the next level. We also know how important it is to enhance and maintain the power of your ride for years to come. That’s why we have a comprehensive selection of Off-Road Axle & Drivetrain Parts. TMR Customs stocks the grittiest and sturdiest axle parts and drivetrain parts for your Jeep, Ultra 4, 4x4, rock bouncer, or rock crawler. Offering a wide selection that touches on all axle & drivetrain needs, TMR Customs is stocked with 14 Bolt shave kits, full-width off-road axle trusses, Dana 60 drive flange kits, and universal transmission mounts. Whether you are looking for disc brake conversion brackets, transfer case support kits for the NP205 & Atlas, or even your own custom off-road driveshaft, TMR Customs is your destination. We offer standard 1-piece drive shafts for off-road use, as well as custom 2-piece shafts that include a hanger/carrier bearing for 1350 or 1410 series u joints.

You’ve just found your one-stop-shop for any off-road axle and drivetrain parts you need to upgrade your vehicle. Purchase your parts from TMR Customs today, so that you can get to work and back out on wild terrain in no time! TMR Customs stocks the toughest and more durable off-road axle and drivetrain parts to take your 4x4, Jeep, Ultra 4, rock crawler, or rock bouncer to the next level! From 14 Bolt shave kits to full-width axle trusses we have the parts you need to get out of the shop and into the dirt. 

Other common off-road drivetrain and off-road axle parts include disc brake conversion brackets, Dana 60 drive flange kits, and transfer case support kits for the Atlas & NP205. Don’t forget TMR Customs also carries all the parts needed to build your own custom off-road driveshaft - whether it’s a standard 1 piece or a custom 2 piece shaft with hanger/carrier bearing - in either 1350 or 1410 series u joints.  Another common TMR upgrade is our heavy-duty off-road differential covers/diff armor. If you need a universal transmission mount for your build or Dana 60 rebuild parts we stock those too!