Bumpers & Body Armor

We began our dedicated journey to helping like-minded individuals who love off-roading locate the best and most useful aftermarket parts, like our off-road bumpers or off-road body armor, with our diehard love and admiration for the Jeep brand. Seeing its beginnings as a contracted “do-anything” model during WWII days, the Jeep line eventually became an icon that explorers of faraway destinations and everything outdoors-related like us grew to love. We’ve always had an appreciation for products with clean lines and indestructible materials and wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Here’s a few of our favorites that will immediately bring a grin to any off roader on the hunt for authentic add-ons that boast amazing looks and performance!

This Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper With Stinger is one of the best-fitted and best-looking off-road bumpers that we have ever laid eyes on! You can still sport the factory fog lights that offer a bunch of distinct old-school Jeep character, and you’ll be able to see yourself out of a bind quickly with the built-in winch plate. What we love so much about pieces like these are their simple bolt-on application and the fact that they still represent the toughest and most utterly “off-road flame” resistant when it comes to a long, productive lifespan.

The JK License Plate Relocation/Spare Tire Delete – Powder Coat Black , off-road body armor, is another prime example of a great Jeep product, and it’s backed by our stellar guarantee and thorough hand-picked selection. Jeeps are arguably the most responsive and customizable vehicles in the world, and we have continued to love providing aftermarket parts that are worthy of any high-trail trek. There are a lot of aftermarket products to choose from, but you’ll not only feel confident with a tundra excursion or rough-laden fire road ascent with sturdy parts like these but also take pride in the very diverse off-road spirit that thoroughly captured us from the get-go!