Off-Road Roll Cage/Chassis

Customize, strengthen, and get the protection needed with TMR Customs roll cage and chassis fabricator parts. We are best known for our extensive line of tube clamps & roll cage bungs - both interlocking id, noninterlocking id, as well as od tube clamps and billet aluminum steering stabilizer brackets.

Other top TMR sellers include our Optima battery box and rapid release fire extinguisher mounts - the perfect upgrades for any hardcore off-road enthusiasts. 
Building a custom bumper? We’ve got you covered with d-ring mounts, tire carrier spindles, tire mount plates, and more.

Billet steel and aluminum tube caps are perfect for finishing off your custom tube chassis or bumper build and don’t overlook our body panel washers and a large selection of trick tabs. Gussets and spring-loaded pull pins are also useful for custom roll cage builds.

As auto enthusiasts ourselves, our team at TMR Customs has spent enough time out in wild terrain to understand that a top-shelf custom roll cage is never optional. Whether bearing witness to someone else’s misfortune or experiencing your own, a rollover can be significantly less dangerous if your vehicle’s roll cage is up to date and intact.

If you are attempting your off-road roll cage or chassis upgrade for the first time, we have everything you need from point A to Z. Whether you are looking for billet aluminum steering stabilizer brackets, D-ring mounts, tire mount plates, or tire carrier spindles, TMR Customs has it in stock. And we don’t just offer any parts—we only offer the most versatile selection of top-shelf off-road roll cage parts.

TMR Customs offers a diverse selection of roll cage and chassis fabricator parts ideal to bolster and amplify the protection of your vehicle. If you’ve invested in the necessary tools to install your parts, good for you! Are you in need of tube clamps and roll cage bungs? You’re in the right place as well. We offer both non-interlocking and interlocking id, od tube clamps, billet steel, and aluminum tube caps. Purchase off-road roll cage and chassis fabricator parts from TMR Customs today! That way you won’t be wasting any more time until you can enjoy a better, safer ride.