Zip Tie Tabs

Zip-tie tabs are like potato chips, if you try one, you won't be able to put them down. TMR Customs’ weld on Zip-tie tabs gives you a clean way to mount wiring, cables, hoses, wires, and brake lines to your chassis.

Once you start adding 4x4 accessories to your vehicle, the extra wiring, hoses, and tubes can get messy fast. Zip tie tabs provide your build a clean solution that helps securely mount your extra wires, hoses, and brake lines to your chassis. TMR Customs’ offers bolt-on and weld-on Zip-tie tabs in packs of 10, 50, and 100, but we recommend getting more than you think you need. These useful weld-on Zip-tie tabs are addictive, and you will find yourself adding these everywhere across your 4x4 build.

At TMR Customs, we appreciate clean wiring and routing as much as our customers, and that is why we provide the best Zip tie tabs out there. Each Zip tie tab is crafted with precision to withstand whatever you throw at it. These will keep your wiring, hosing, and more secure and out of sight, with plenty of room for your next off-road accessory. Shop the collection today!