Drive Flange Kits

Similar to how an expert guitar player would use a “Flanger” pedal to create a wickedly polarized unique sound, you can use our Dana 50 drive flange kits, for example, here at TMR Customs to increase the strength of an I-beam or T-beam just in time for the holidays! These drive flange kits offer a much simpler attachment and transfer of contact force and are instrumental in guiding vital machine parts to keep wheels intact. They’re vitally important during those times when you may be using your off-road rig as a carrier in conditions like the “The Polar Express” went through, these rings provide an excellent form of raised-and-ready lip.

This Dana 60 Drive Flange Kit – 35 Spline – Black  will give you the confidence to know that you will not have a random break or problem with the parts on deck. That’s because they’ve been constructed by professionals who love the thrill of wheeling as much as you. This drive flange kit comes complete with drive gear covers, the specialized heat-treated steel drive gear, retaining rings, and stainless-steel cap screws.

This 05 FORD Dana 60 Drive Flange Kit – 40 Spline Black boasts our very own logo slapped proudly on top and is always primed and ready for action. Housing your wheel studs in full-blown glory and ALWAYS ready to hit the trail, these are an awesome gift idea for the dedicated wheeler in your circle.

You can get these and other amazing ideas to beef up your aftermarket-boosted ride here at TMR customs, where sitting at the base of the mountains inspires us to provide the heavy-footed lover of fir trees and boulder-climbing the best parts out there!