Stainless Spacers

Stainless steel spacers - at TMR Customs we've got you covered with tons of problem solving suspension and off road spacers!
The most popular are our high misalignment spacers - designed to extend the ball diameter of your rod end/heim joint and greatly increase the flex/misalignment of the joint. High misalignment spacers also reduce the bolt size down. 
Safety washers and our 1 piece high misalignment with built in safety washers are meant for steering and single shear applications. The large diameter of the safety washer would prevent total loss of control if a rod end ever failed and the body tried to break free of the ball. 
TMR Customs cone spacers have many applications - they can be used to gain more misalignment from a heim joint without reducing the bolt size. They are also useful as a strong spacer or shim if needed.