3 Link Versus 4 Link Suspension? Choosing The Best Option For Off-Road

Off-Road Suspension

Why We Customize Our Suspension

Whether you are setting out to conquer demanding terrain in a place like Moab, UT or looking for a top-notch ride and handling while quickly blazing up local fire roads, the goods that arrive on any truck straight from the factory may not suffice! A long arm link suspension allows the vehicle to easily adjust to the challenging angles encountered during off-road driving. If boulders, rocks, and other obstacles are guaranteed to be in your path, first take a detailed look at the rear of your rig. This part of the decision is pretty simple to make and provided you don't have a gas tank mounted inside the frame rail (like a Jeep JK) you'll want to go with a triangulated 4 link.

Which Suspension Should I Use?

The triangulation of a 4 link requires no rear track bar, which is a huge benefit! No rear track bar means the axle cycles perfectly centered up and down under the frame when it droops and compresses. If you have a track bar, it will always pull the axle back and forth under the frame as it droops and compresses. The rear track bar's absence also means you'll gain more axle flex or articulation  - another huge bonus.

A 3 link rear should only be used when there are layout constraints in the way of the brackets/suspension links, like the previously mentioned gas tank in your Jeep Wrangler JK or JL.

Next, we can look at the front of your off-road build - The first step is to determine your type of steering. Making the choice between a 3 link and 4 link simply comes down to choosing between having a steering gearbox (with or without hydraulic assist) or having full hydraulic steering with an axle-mounted steering ram. Having a steering gear box means you’ll want to use a 3 Link with Track Bar, having a hydraulic steering system means you’ll want to use a Triangulated 4 link.

If you are running a steering gearbox a front track bar is an unavoidable necessity. The track bar will keep the axle centered under the vehicle as the steering force is applied to the drag link that’s connected to the axle. If you have full hydraulic steering, we recommend a 4 link for the same reasons as the rear of the vehicle. That axle will stay perfectly centered under the chassis as it moves up and down with the suspension.

TMR Customs Has BOTH 4 Link Suspensions & 3 Link Suspensions

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