Tool Organizers

When it comes to organizing your shop, race trailer, chase truck, overlander, and more TMR Tools has you covered! Look to TMR for tire tool trays, air tool trays, grinder racks, hose reels, and more.

When you make your way to the garage ready to get right down to business with a quick fix or aftermarket add-on, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as not feeling organized. Thankfully, TMR Customs has such an extensive set of tool organizers available that we guarantee you’ll never walk in and “step on a stray” again! 

The Grizzly Hole Saw Tube Notcher is a great option that can be mounted directly to a chassis or roll cage to assist with notch repairs or mods. It’s guaranteed to handle your tube and metal cutting duties while still leaving you with plenty of leftover floor space.

Axles and drivetrains offer a very useful ability, allowing you to upgrade your vehicle in the comfort of your garage while prepping to get back out and conquer daunting terrain. We offer Forged U Bolt End Yokes which are not only the absolute toughest on the market but are proudly designed and made 100% right here in the USA as well. 

You can even make your own custom links , tie rods, and control arms, and these beauties are fully backed by wheelers who know the needs and demands of many builds. Just like anything in life, “it’s all about the connection”, and you can easily weld the tube adapter and come out with the perfectly threaded connection you’re looking for. 

There is a multitude of tie-downs, flat brackets, truss kits, shave kits, universal joints, and flange kits available from us here at TMR Customs, and we have a longstanding commitment to being 100% sure that every customer that places an order is satisfied. Tools Organizer are a necessary component of any off-road repair or upgrade job, and as always, we’ve “got you covered in every possible way”!