Sheet Metal & Plate

Are you getting ready to spend some quality time in the garage for repairs? Or maybe you’re making improvements on your favorite off-road toy? The Fall season brings crisp air and plenty of good reasons to spend your spare time in the garage with some supplies from us here at TMR Customs to fix your dented fenders, banged-up doors, and other knocks you might have experienced when getting down to business during a trail run. You can even use sheet metal to create goodies like custom racing seats that can stand up to the rough demands of any trail.

 Mild Sheet Steel is our choice for the all-important fender, door skins, and firewall work. It’s not difficult to weld, doesn’t break the bank, and is known to be the “rig lovers clay” because of its ability to be used in many shapes.  

Aluminum is one of the materials that we always tend to rank high on the TMR Customs virtual parts supply list because its lightweight presence is ideal for handling dashboard repairs and easily modified with paint. Even stronger than steel and possessing the Earth-friendly property of being recyclable, it can even be used to have drastic results like the legendary 700-plus-pound weight reduction in the Ford F-150!

 AR400 Steel Plate is our go-to material for skid plates or wears plates, and we’ve always had massive respect for the usefulness that comes with every spare square foot you can get your hands on! The use of carbon during the plate’s formation not only works wonders for both the toughness and hardness but is the preferred “sweet spot” in many ways because of the surprisingly solid quality they possess for how relatively easy they are to form.

Sheet Metal Plates are some of the best items to have an arsenal of in the garage! They are definitely the winning ingredient for most projects you’ll be taking on after tangling with a few off-road trips that might have put your lift kit and shocks to the ultimate test!