Adjustable Limit Straps

Uneven terrain, jumps, bouncing or launching your off road build can put your shocks under one hell of a load! prevent over extension and topping out of your shocks with TMR Customs quad wrap limit straps. Available in lengths from 8” to 44” with every size in between. 
All TMR limit straps are 100% USA made, with 8800LB mil spec webbing and chromoly end tabs for the ultimate in strength - our limit strap quality is unmatched!
TMR limit straps can also be center mounted to prevent over extension and bind of your driveshaft. 
When considering the expense of custom driveshafts and long travel shocks limit straps serve as very cheap insurance!
Need help or how to info for mounting limit straps? Look at our double shear tabs and adjustable limit strap clevis kits. Both mounts will give you the peace of mind in knowing your limit straps are properly mounted and will provide years of trouble free service!