How to Customize Your Vehicle for Off-Roading

How to Customize Your Vehicle for Off-Roading

What is off-roading?

Off-roading is a personal sport that pits a person's driving skill as well as their technical skill with a toolbox up against some of the toughest terrain around.  From the iconic red rock of Moab Utah, to the rock canyons of Johnson Valley California, the tree lined mountains of British Columbia, or the Canadian Shield in Ontario - a world of adrenaline-fueled adventure awaits you!

Off-roading is simply what the name suggests:  taking a motorized 4-wheel drive vehicle to places where there are not roads, and going from one place to the other, challenging your driving abilities and your vehicles capabilities against the tests of the wilderness.  Off-roading also varies depending on what you like to do.  Some off-roaders like to go slow speed rock-crawling, others drive almost exclusively on sand dunes, others prefer high speed Ultra4 racing or southern style rock bouncing.

Why do you need to customize your vehicle for off roading?

If you like mudding, deserts, forests, sand, or rock, not just any vehicle will do. Not only is the terrain inhospitable, but you will likely be miles from anywhere that can help, so there is a level of self-sufficiency you have to consider.

A stock Jeep just won't do.  You need to customize your rig to run where you need to go.

Customization options and Upgrades for your off-roading vehicle

For any serious off-roader, you need to consider upgrades and custom parts for your rig.  Here's a good place to get started:

  • Self Recovery Winch: A winch is an off-roader's best friend.  You need to learn how to use it, not only to pull yourself out of a jam, but help others as well.  From mud holes to creeping up a steep incline, there will come a time you need a winch.  A Warn Industries winch is one of the most dependable winches on the market.  
  • Bumpers: When driving through rocks, tree stumps, and other obstacles, you have to protect your vehicle.  Bumpers not only protect the body and frame of your vehicle against impacts, they also serve as a way to use jacks, mount winches, and give you a gauge on clearance when approaching inclines.  Click here to check out some of what we carry in stock.
  • Rear Bumpers: Like front bumpers, these offer protection against impacts from rocks, trees, or anything else you can't see while backing up.  They are also a good way to tie in to a winch from a buddy if you need pulled out of a mess.  Rear bumpers should also be strong enough to let you lift the vehicle with a jack if you need to change out a flat or do some creative technical maneuvering. You can get started by clicking here.
  • Air down your tires: Dropping your tire pressure gives you greater surface area and increases your traction. This is a great solution to get you out of sand, snow, rock or other terrain that requires a wider traction patch.  It's not a bad idea to carry a portable electric tire pump to re-inflate your tires.  The Digital EZ-Deflator Pro from Currie Enterprises is a great way to get the job done.
  • Differential Covers: These protect your front and rear differentials from impacts from rocks, stumps, and other obstacles. Impacts can cause leaks in your differential and quickly end a trip if those gears run dry. Click here to find out more about differential covers for your vehicle.

Why Us?

There are all sorts of reasons to choose TMR Customs when it comes to building your off-road vehicle.  From beginners to experts, here are some of the reasons you will love working with us:

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  • Best inventory in the industry
  • True off road enthusiasts to speak with for technical advice

Contact us to get to wherever you want to go!

At TMR Customs, we are also avid off-roaders, and know exactly what you need to outfit your vehicle for your next trip. Let us help you get started on building your off-road vehicle.  If it's your first project or your tenth, we want to be your customization supply source! Contact us today!