How to use Knockout Punch Dimple Dies

TMR Customs knockout dimple dies are designed to be paired with a hydraulic knockout punch. Common brands include Greenlee, Milwaukee, Ridgid and Harbor Freight. The Harbor Freight sku # 96718 is available for less than $100.00.

Knockout punch dimple dies are perfect for anyone who has a hate on for hole saws, or who doesn’t own a shop press.

CNC machined in-house, heat treated and backed with a LIFETIME WARRANTY –  TMR Customs dimple dies are a premium tool that will last you a lifetime. Available in a variety of sets and individual sizes to suit your needs. Dimple dies are used to add strength and rigidity while lightening sheet metal panels,  not to mention they look cool!

Here’s how to dimple die using knockout punches:

1. The TMR Customs knockout dimple dies are rated for 1/8” chromoly plate. They are designed to be paired with a hydraulic knockout punch.


2. Starting with a hole located where you want the dimple, place the hydraulic punch driver through the hole.

3. Put the punch on top of the work.

4. Secure the punch to the driver.

5. Using hydraulic pressure, the punch is drawn through the material leaving a clean hole of the correct diameter.

6. The finished hole, ready to flare.

7. Like the punch, the dimple die is attached to the punch driver.

8. The top of the lower dimple die fills the hole.


9. The upper or female side of the dimple die is put on top.

10. The tools are securely tightened using the provided nut.

11. The hydraulic ram applies pressure and draws the two pieces together resulting in the flared hole, or dimple, that we want.

12. Take the pieces apart, remove the work and you’re ready for the next step in your fab project.


Dimple dies from TMR Customs are warranted for life so you can count on them for years to come. They make an affordable addition to a fab shop or a DIY garage.

Other TMR Customs dimple dies features include:

Professionally Engineered

Our dimple dies provide the optimal shaped dimple in your sheet metal fabrications for maximum strength and rigidity.

Machined to Exacting Tolerances

TMR Customs dimple dies are machined in-house to maintain the highest quality standards and precision.

Heat-treated for Maximum Life

Our proven and tested heat treating process ensures your dies will stand up to a lifetime of use – we guarantee it!

Black Oxide Coated

Our dimple dies are black oxide coated after heat treating to provide years of corrosion resistance.

Light Weight

All TMR Customs dimple dies are lightweight and easy to handle which helps eliminate user fatigue.

Lifetime Guarantee

We take pride in manufacturing the world’s leading dimple dies and we back them with a true lifetime warranty!