14 Bolt Shave Kits

Maximize your ground clearance from one of the toughest differentials ever made.  Increase the ground clearance on your 14-bolt axle by up to 1.75 inches with a TMR Customs 14-bolt shave kit, also known as a "15 bolt". 
We offer 2 styles of kits - the complete kit includes a 3/8" thick heavy duty differential cover and makes for the easiest installation. Already have a heavy duty differential cover for your 14 bolt? No problem! Stick with our basic kit and modify your cover as part of the install process. 
Both kits are available in 2 forms - 1 version where you machine the ring gear and 1 version where you do not machine the ring gear. Chasing every last spec of ground clearance? Use the ring gear machining required kit. Looking for ease of install and the ability to use an off the shelf gear? Use the no ring gear machining required kit. 
Either way - TMR Customs has you covered with the most 14 bolt shave kit options to make your life easy!