Weld Spacers

Prevent welding warp with welding spacers and mock-up bushings that are perfect for inserting in existing brackets and tabs. After using TMR Customs weld spacers, your rod end, Heim, bushing, or Johnny Joint will be a perfect fit in your brackets saving you hours of time and frustration. 

If you are a diehard Jeep enthusiast like us, who loves the feel of a well-packed survival kit and knobby tires, or someone who wants to crawl the canyon with full-on fervor, TMR Customs has the best weld spacers available. When you are looking forward to taking your next run on the dirt trail, the factory goods that your rig comes with are not going to be able to protect your valuable suspension and undercarriage. Our kits help you blow past brush, boulders, and tundra with ease. Every product manufactured by TMR Customs is made from the highest-grade materials to keep you moving forward in any environment. 

This Universal Triangulated 4 Link Kit (Option 1) has been specially designed to be paired with coil-over shocks, ORI Struts, air shocks, or standard coil springs. The kit includes frame side and axle side 4-link brackets, weld spacers and is backed by the TMR Customers quality guarantee that anyone who loves to kick up dirt on the weekend will appreciate!  

The 14 Bolt Shave Kit (TMR Customs 15 Bolt Conversion, Complete Kit) is the exact answer for what all of our diehard 4x4 off-road enthusiasts have been demanding! This kit has been tried and tested against the elements, and when you are deep in the wilderness exploring a new trail, you need gear you can trust. As soon as you veer off-pavement, the suspension is always a crucial factor of your vehicle that needs special attention, and TMR Customs has long been at the helm designing parts that can take a beating while delivering the performance you need. Weld spacers such as this are worth their weight in gold to the A-list off-road crew. Those of you carving up the gulleys, dunes, and sift around the country can rest easy knowing you have an off-road weld spacer you can trust.